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Tribute to Zhu Da or Bada Shanren
a tape drawing by Milos Cvach


I have been for many years profoundly moved by the art of panting by the great Chinese painter Shu Da (1625 - 1705) who called himself also Bada Shanren.

Often designated as the « genius of the line painting », he is one of the great masters who use very simple means for their Art and brilliantly compose the pictorial space. The « empty » space with him is always rich and full of meaning.

Having been for very long time concerned by the minimalism in Art and the feeling of fullness in the empty spaces I wish, through this first and very modest installation in China, to pay tribute to this great Chinese painter.

The curve of my tape drawing in the White Cube of Bazaar Compatible suggests a circular form that is quite clear but it also opens into a movement of a spiral. At the same time another interpretation of the form, perceived as a sign or a pictograph, is possible: the circular form coiled up in itself can suggest one of the many sleeping cats in coiled up position in the plastic bowls sold in the shops of the Bazaar…

Milos Cvach, Shanghai, 2011-10-10

[Visuals coming soon]