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兼容的盒子计划第三十九期 bazaar compatible program #39
31°12.246'N 121°25.010'E
上海故事 Shanghai Stories
与陈蓓对话 Conversation with Chen Bei
013/02/01 - 2013/02/24
每天8时30 - 20时30 开放 from 8:30am to 8:30pm everyday
安顺路98号 小商品市场内26号铺 Shanghai, 98 Anshun Road, stall 26

Bazar Compatible Program offered me a kind of "white box" hiding in the alley. I decided to turn it into a "weekly chatting room". Sharp do we talk about ? Why not talk about Shanghai, the city where we live together, where we can see high-rises and material desire.
What kind of thoughts do people bave when they first arrive in Shanghai, who did they met or missed. Time passes by, matters don't seem important anymore, because what happened will become part of your Shanghai memory.

This week, I invite you to tell me about your Shanghai story. My "white box" and I will listen and digest those memories that only belong to you.

Chen Bei

Shanghai, le 17 février 2013