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兼容的盒子计划第六十期 bazaar compatible program #60
31°12.246'N 121°25.010'E
一个与场地兼容的计划 A Site Compatible Project

2013/12/03 - 2013/12/15

安顺路98号 小商品市场内26号铺 Shanghai, 98 Anshun Road, stall 26



Over a period of two weeks more than 20 artists coming from China, France, Germany and the USA are inserting their works and performances throughout Xinhua Market, a local Shanghai market, with the BCP space serving as info station. The mostly conceptual works range from record and garment sales (Rutherford Chang, Rainer Ganahl), sound installations (Roland Lauth, Jennifer Oiukwu), objects, paintings, drawings, stickers (Jan, Nicola Angermann), videos, photos and performances to the generation of electricity from fruits (Victor Remere), faking corporate IDs (Kenneth Dow, Florian Model) and all kind of give-aways (Manon Soupizon) which will render shopping a surprising experience. This was just to name a few things with a few names that expect you at this marvelous market that also risks to disappear for redevelopment in the soon future since high rise buildings are moving in already left and right.

The works you find in existing boutiques will encourage you to become a flaneur whose gaze glides across merchandizes and people alike to scan for beauty, excitements and great art in unexpected ways.

The projects can be seen from Tuesday December 3rd to Sunday December 15th throughout the regular Shanghai market hours (8am - 8pm).

Saturday, December 7th between from 2 - 4pm at BCP, Xinhua Market Shanghai.
special reception with the artists present including a performance by Adrianna Liedtke, Ilazki de Portuondo.

Tuesday, December 10th, 6 - 9 pm, at BANK
A special evening with a FASHION SHOW, videos and performances, DJing and drinks

with :

Jan Nicola Angermann, Jasmin Huber, Jessyca Beaumont, Rutherford Chang,
Hélène Deléan, Deyi Studio, Kenneth Dow, Monika Ehret, Rainer Ganahl,
Roland Lauth, Adrianna Liedtke, Théo Masson, Florian Model, Vincent Naba,
Jennifer Ojukwu, Mara Pieler, Morgane Porcheron, Ilazki de Portuondo,
Victor Remere, Frédéric Sanchez , Manon Soupizon, Verena Sprich,
Stefanie Sprinz, Samuel Starck, Xu Meng, Shaw Xu Zhifeng

additional participants at the Fashion Show:
Wera Buck, Cem Cako, Nora Haser, Valentin Leuschel, Sabrina Schray,
Tina Schwizgebel, Annika Winkelmann,
and more...

in collaboration with a collateral event
MAB Society
BANK - Xianggang Lu 59-101 Shanghai
香港路59号101室上海 200002



market map


Documentation on each project as soon as possible ...

#07 01 Jan Nicola Angermann #07 14 Vincent Naba
#07 02 Jasmin Huber #07 15 Jennifer Ojukwu
#07 03 Jessyca Beaumont #07 16 Mara Pieler
#07 04 Rutherford Chang #07 17 Morgane Porcheron
#07 05 Hélène Deléan #07 18 Ilazki de Portuondo
#07 06 Deyi Studio #07 19 Victor Remere
#07 07 Kenneth Dow #20 20 Frédéric Sanchez
#07 08 Monika Ehret #07 21 Manon Soupizon
#07 09 Rainer Ganahl #07 22 Verena Sprich
#07 10 Roland Lauth #07 23 Stefanie Sprinz
#07 11 Adrianna Liedtke #07 24 Samuel Starck
#07 12 Théo Masson #07 25 Xu Meng
#07 13 Florian Model #07 26 Shaw Xu Zhifeng