兼容的盒子计划第八十期 bazaar compatible program #80
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印记 Prints
索菲-古蒂耶的装置 installation by Sophie Curtil
2014/09/23 - 2014/10/05
安顺路98号 小商品市场内26号铺 Shanghai, 98 Anshun Road, stall 26

Tactile prints to be touched, observed

The tactile drawings are floating in the air so that children and adults can touch them with fingers or eyes from both sides. What kind of objects were necessary to make these tactile prints? Which of them can be perceived for the best with the eyes closed? What sort of sensations do they suggest? Are there many interpretations possible for the same print?

Invitation to draw or write

After having observed and touched the tactile prints, take the pen and draw or write:
with other signs or words interpret, transpose your feelings, images you may have experienced while touching the prints.

A book to "read": Ali ou Léo?

This book was initially conceived and published for children. There is on one side of every couple of pages a tactile print and on the other a text printed in large letters for children who do not see well in French and in Braille for blind children.
The narrative of the book tells the story of two characters, Ali and Léo, who quarrel claiming the ownership of a bag which is supposed full of incredible contents that they invent step by step during their dispute...
The reader himself may add, following his own interpretation of each tactile print, more items on the list of those fantastic things.

Author: Sophie Curtil
Publisher: Les Trois Ourses/ Les doigts qui rêvent, 2002

Sophie Curtil
Shanghai, September 19, 2014


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