A bazaar in the Bazaar in a bazaar


兼容的盒子计划第九十四期 bazaar compatible program #94
31°12.246'N 121°25.010'E
在一个杂货市场一堆杂货中的一个杂货铺 A bazaar in the Bazaar in a bazaar
Paul Bardet, Zoé Capdevielle, Timothée Chalazonitis, Anais Commaret
Alexandre Damerval, Paul Desmazières, Tania Gheerbrant
Charlotte Nicoli, Maxime Penaud, Lucie Planty, Pablo Prieto

法国巴黎高等艺术学院 Closky 工作坊 Paris Beaux-Arts workshop with Claude Closky
2015/04/06 - meeting with artist: 6pm
安顺路98号小商品市场内26号铺 Shanghai, 98 Anshun Road, stall 26


..[ 中文翻译中 ]..

In a situation of temporary expatriate, production of a work free from picturesque and tourist impregnation seemed difficult. It appeared necessary to seek an alternative, centered on the place of the "bazaar" which is by its simple existence, its geographical presence and sociological characteristics, quite different from the art features, diffusion and therefore exhibition.

The bazaar is a crossing point for sales and resales, barter and business, a place where wholesalers, sellers, customers, meet. A crowd that paradoxically take very little part to the "compatible Bazaar program" as an actor.

The goal of this experience, a kind of mock curating, is to offer to the members of the bazaar community a leading role in the program. The event aims to mix identities, cultural differences, to let go and perhaps reshape ideas about perception and exposing.

The question is what exhibition this responsibility transfer will produce. How far these foreign neighbors work from our art standards...

A bazaar in the Bazaar in a bazaar.

To be relevant and balanced within the complex surrounding of this proposal, a contract in 7 points was accepted by all the participants.

Alexandre Damerval
Shanghai, April 5th 2015


1. Alexandre Damerval endorses the role of "curator mediator".

2. His proposal evolves with the proposals of the participants.

3. Each artist can communicate instructions to keep some control on their participation.

4. As "a curator mediator", Alexandre is the only project ambassador in the community of the bazaar (participants can still talk to the sellers and other passerby)

5. In regards of the show, Alexandre commits himself to convey the formal and conceptual instructions to display each art work. The interpretation margin is part of the interest of this experimentation.

6. One or more seller from the bazaar will install the art works. The artists can attend the putting up without interfering.

7. The 'let go' attitude made possible by this specific context is a way to entrust the people working in the bazaar, and create an exchange: a true dialogue between the three type of actors - the artists, the curator and the bazaar sellers - that hopefully will lead to a prospective exhibition.