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Ideal & Useless Space
a wall painting by Bi Rongrong


I made a small painting of a poetic studio of mine. It is visualized, but non-physical. It is idealized, but useless.

I considered the order of the shapes, the balance of the colors, and the division of the space. I am obsessed by the triangles. They are sharp, directional, simply to be folded and shaped. I was wondering how close a painting and a reality should be. I am looking for a reality for a painting. There is a dialogue between a flatness and a voluminous-ness. The transition between them needs to be carried out by a kind of expansion.

I am going to paint the poetic studio into a real space. I want it to be visualized and physical. I want to know whether it is possible to merge it into a real world, what the distance between an ideal and reality is. The painting is enlarged, spatialized. It is not a painting anymore, it becomes a real studio! I stand, sit, and walk in it. But it is still useless.

Bi Rongrong


[Visuals coming soon]