The Wrong existence


兼容的盒子计划第一百二十五期 bazaar compatible program #125
31°12.246'N 121°25.010'E
杂货铺暑假计划, 6个由李思怡策划的项目
Un été au bazar, 6 projects curated by Li Siyi

错误的存在 The wrong existence
王帆 Fan Wang
2016/07/10 - 2016/07/20
安顺路98号小商品市场内26号铺 Shanghai, 98 Anshun Road, stall 26

Every diverse substance has its own way or reason to exist, in Bazaar, the compatible box doesn't seem like coherent for being existed in the middle of this small market. The Wrong existence is a series of errors that I was observing and materializing during the research process.

Fan Wang
Shanghai, July 10th, 2016