Moucharabieh - keep an eye on your belongings


兼容的盒子计划第一百三十期 bazaar compatible program #130
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杂货铺暑假计划, 6个由李思怡策划的项目
Un été au bazar, 6 projects curated by Li Siyi

Moucharabieh - keep an eye on your belongings
波诺-比约特 Benoït Billote
2016/09/01- 2015/09/15
安顺路98号小商品市场内26号铺 Shanghai, 98 Anshun Road, stall 26

In architecture, moucharabieh are a type of window structure that allow air to pass while limiting sunlight to enter. They give the possibility for one to look from inside without being seen from the outside. These structures can be found both in Asia and North Africa and occasionally in Europe. Most of the time they are formed with geometric shaped frames which can be repeated in endless patterns, providing a rhythm and ornamentation on housing facades.

There is a certain kind of plastic tarp bag found most everywhere around the world, often in bazaars and marketplaces bearing plaid or striped patterns in red, blue and white. Cheap and convenient, they are often used to transport bulky personal items, somewhat akin to a portable house. However, these bags have often become associated with poverty or bad taste and subsequently become unpopular.

Moucharabieh - keep an eye on your belongings draws a new dimension to these bags, adding refined details by cutting moucharabieh into their fabric. A near to-scale architecture model or a new fashion bag, all of these arouse our interest. The question, however, is, "What are they hiding inside?"

Benoît Billote
Geneva, August 31, 2016