兼容的盒子计划第一百三十六期 bazaar compatible program #136
31°12.246'N 121°25.010'E
构成 Structure(s)
尼古拉-博伊古 Nicolas Bojko
2016/11/29- 2016/12/11
安顺路98号小商品市场内26号铺 Shanghai, 98 Anshun Road, stall 26

Fence, beam, iron bar, cable, steel pipe, slab, roof tile, sheet metal, glass...

Select, alter, move, develop, screw, assemble, cut, install, superpose, drill, dispose, paste...

Observe the various ways of recycling conducted on a daily basis in the market lane.
Collect materials around the bazaar. Build an evoluting installation in space which makes visible the ways to inhabit the public space.

Nicolas Bojko
Shanghai, november 26th, 2016