In Exuvia
sculpture by Eloïsa Paz



An insect staying in its cocoon or old skin longer than needed is against nature. The only logical reaction is that it frees itself of it when the time comes, because it is the end of a process that would make the insect stronger, bigger, mature, and that often would imply the growth of wings.

Strangely, the contemporary human surrounds himself of an ever-growing material entourage throughout his lifetime and rarely considers abandoning it. On the contrary, he is convinced that he needs it to survive.

The attachment to his "cocoon corpse" (exuvia) is so strong that he would experience the feeling of being utterly lost or incomplete if it was suddenly taken away from him. It is as if exuvia had become a vital part of his body and state of mind.

Eloïsa Paz
Shanghai, April 8, 2012