Diamond Scratch
work in progress by Hugo Lermechin



My intervention in the Bazaar Compatible Program is very simple : after I have painted, on the back wall, a black layer, I will try to erase it during the exhibition. My goal is to find the wall's color as it was at the begining. It is not during the adding, but in the phase of suppression that the pictorial work will be born.

To paint... To erase... And to leave the place for something else.

This game of construction/deconstruction is omnipresent in Shanghai.
Houses, shops, skyscrapers..., everything is subjected to a permanent renewal.
But more widely, this game can also be applied to art exhibitions, which are installed and removed according to the rythm of the program. What is left beyond the tangible ? What does an exhibition become after being replaced ?
To clean, to rub, to sand... all this gestures of erasure become generators of forms and action.

Hugo Lermechin

Shanghai, april 22, 2012