Come in or Go out but not both Simultaneously
Clément Delhomme



A woman annoyed by her child who is heckling at the entrance of a supermarket at him: "You go or you go out but you do not do both at the same time!"

Daily life is full of accidental poetry. Accidental, when that poetry is the result of a hazardous collision between a mundane event and a perception in excitement. This sentence uttered by the mother fascinated me. With an authoritative tone she had forbidden her son to be in a posture imperceptible even impossible.

Placed in the context of the bazaar, the authority of this insane sentence becomes ironic. It is not question of holding the unit of exibition to the bazaar context. The box is defined by this context. They are inseparable like the art is inseparable from life. In this sense "You go you go out or do not do you aim at Both The Same Time!" is an infra thin as to be willing to represent the compatibility between the box and the Bazaar by making the idea of borders foolish.

Clément Delhomme
Shanghai, August 13, 2012.