Paper Shark



兼容的盒子计划第三十五期 bazaar compatible program #35
31°12.246'N 121°25.010'E
纸鲨鱼 Paper Shark
艾提安-克里盖的折纸 Origami by Etienne Cliquet
2012/12/31 - 2013/01/13
每天8时30 - 20时30 开放 from 8:30am to 8:30pm everyday
安顺路98号 小商品市场内26号铺 Shanghai, 98 Anshun Road, stall 26


To expose oneself to the public turned out to be consuming : either you eat or you are eaten by a bigger predator, or even you are catched by the device of a camera. An old amerindian legend tells that the camera is able to capture the soul. In our world surrounded by the "capitalism of visibility" everybody has to be viewed, exposed and pictured. Then everybody is encouraged to display his/her pictures and so on infinitively. My project is inspired by the funny and ambiguous way the visitors of natural sciences museums get pictured in a position that pretend to be eaten by a dinausor or by a shark.

The jaw of shark in origami is folded with a forty meters long strip of paper usually used to wrap up fishes. Then it has been send from Toulouse to Shanghai packed up into a small box (20x30x15 centimers) and declared as a decoration for the new year's eve at the customs.

Displayed in the bazaar, the jaw of shark in origami transforms the space into a predator. One should try to get pictured into it at its own risk. Hope this new year's will bring us new alternatives and the distance with the consuming paradigm of visibility.

Etienne Cliquet
Toulouse, December 26, 2012