You Know Nothing John Snow


兼容的盒子计划第九十七期 bazaar compatible program #97
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约翰斯诺你啥都不知道 You Know Nothing John Snow

阿米-马佳和阿克塞勒-若伊的影像 video by Amy Maga & Axel Roy
2015/05/05 - 2015/05/17
安顺路98号小商品市场内26号铺 Shanghai, 98 Anshun Road, stall 26

Master Liu’s Friend - Hi. I am Master Lius friend. He asked me to contact you as he is not quite sure of your request.

Axel Roy - I was asking Bruce if we can meet as his restaurant tomorrow with all the participants of the video in order to plan the video shooting that will take place on saturday, around 18 PM with, about 10 people.

MLF - He wants to know what is it for exactly. 10 videoing people or 10 of his people.

AR - 10 video doing people, people that are already part of our project. We are not gonna make the project at his place, its just a dinner/meeting.

MLF - Could you tell me more about the project, so that I can translate for him? So you do not need him to do a performance? He was under that impression.

AR - Yes we need him as a Kung Fu fighter.
but saturday. Tomorrow is only planning.

MLF - So what do u need him to do on Saturday? And what is it for? Sorry for the abrupt questions as I am only translating for him.

AR - Simply we will do a choregraphy with an other kung fu fighter.

MLF - He will provide the other Kung Fu fighter? Time?

AR - We already have the other Kung Fu fighter. Saturday around 18 pm normally, but its also depend on him.

MLF - Saturday location at Palm Tree? How is Kung Fu related to smileys?

AR - The location is the Palm Tree or close to Zhongshan Park. We are looking for an esthetic that look like Kung Fu movements, but the movements, the choreography, will be based on smiley, inspire by it. We believe that smileys, which are from an internet based way of communication, are now used in daily life to communicate, to add meaning on a sentence, to express something that words cannot express. The two KF fighter will have to act as they are fighting (dialogue is really similar to fight) but in fact they are talking with smiley expressions translate into mouvement. The interest of Kung Fu fighter is that they have clear and precise movement, plus a good body training. I believe that KF is a lot about choreography and so they will be able to remember choreographies. Thank you for the hard work of translating. We also count on them for some real KF improvisation.

MLF - Hi Roy. I have spoke to Bruce and he finally understands your project. Regretfully he is really unable to help you as he is terribly busy with his shop with NO HELP whatsoever. Currently he owes his students lesson bec of the shop, hence he sends his apologies.

Amy Maga & Axel Roy
Shanghai, May 12, 2015