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兼容的盒子计划 bazaar compatible program
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游戏结束..._Game Over...
谢谢大家 ! Thank you all !
上海安顺路98号 Shanghai, 98 Anshun Road

"Bazaar Compatible Program" ends brutally... We have just been informed about the permanent closure of the market and about the market of Anshun road on Juin 30th!

Shanghai lives, moves and changes all the time. Certain transformations are not easy to understand, and it is going to be a very hard time for all the families who lived for years on the activity of this market. We liked this small alley and we felt at home among people who worked there, with all the neighbors of the district who visited us while doing shopping. We are sad to see these small local shops disappearing suddenly, so alive and so useful, but it is so, and so goes the city...

Six years of activities and 152 artistic proposals, it was unhoped for us and we are happy for all has been experimented there. We deeply thank all the artists who were willing to meet the challenge of a "compatible" proposal and who very generously proposed, auto-produced and realized these 152 contributions so different and so interesting. Bravo everyone!

Also a huge thank you to our neighbors of the market, so patient, so friendly and so comprehensive regarding our particular activity. Thanks to mister Liu, who rented us the box during the first years, and to mister Wan, which took the relay, assuring friendly the permenance , the technical maintenance and the very free and very personal way of mediation.

Thank you finally to you, who followed the program and who visited us in the market. Without you this project wouldn't have any sense, of course.

See you very soon, somewhere else, for other compatible experiences.

Yilan & Paul, Deyi Studio
Shanghai, June 26th, 2017